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Park of Life (Parque de la Vida)
Park of Life (Parque de la Vida)

Park of Life (Parque de la Vida)

The Parque de la Vida (‘Park of Life,’ in English) is a public space in the Colombian city of Armenia. The park features 20 acres of paved walking trails, tiered waterfalls, and bamboo bridges. In case of rain showers, visitors can duck into any number of small cottages located in the park until the storm passes. Visitors to the park can see fish, ducks, and geese swimming in calm, man-made lakes surrounded by trees. The park also has a skating rink, a bandstand, and occasionally hosts craft fairs.

With cultivated gardens and forested areas, the tranquil Vida Park is a welcome respite in the middle of the city. At Christmas time, the park is decorated with numerous lights and is a wonderful place to visit at night. Walking around the entire park takes about an hour.

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Daily 7am-7pm
Armenia, Quindio, Andes

Practical Info

Parque de la Vida is located in a valley in the middle of the city of Armenia. Lots of bamboo trees and bridges spanning the multiple creeks and lakes provide a relaxing backdrop for an hour’s wander. There is plenty of public transportation (buses or taxis) located outside the park, and areas to sit and picnic are plentiful.

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